About us

A brief about DressEgo

Internet platform and easy access to smart phones has improved online shopping and decreased the traffic volume and daily transportation. The DE brand has provided online shopping services for costume-made clothes in order to gain a high level of costumer’s comfort and easiness. The DE Brand with collaboration of experts, has put a lot of effort during the past years to present design schemes compatible with market tastes and needs and with the highest quality. Moreover, considering the fact that special tastes needs special and exclusive designs, we are here to answer to these costumers with our VIP services DressEgo. Our hope is to have all of our customers as satisfied as it could be.

Why DressEgo?

In addition to advantages of usual online shopping which is very common these days, DressEgo suggests possibilities and solutions which let costumers and users to have a delightful shopping with VIP services with spending minimum of time and cost.

Costumer Concern DE solutions
Buying in-person is time consuming Online shopping opportunities with desired size and model for costumers
The size is not well chosen in online shopping Manufacturing costume-made clothes
Going to tailor shop for fixing size and testing is time consuming Sending tailor to the costumer’s location for measurements and collection
Lack of color consistency and cloth texture according to costumer’s taste The possibility of selecting and suggesting color and texture of cloth by costumer
No possibility for any change in model of clothes It is possible to change the model of clothes according to costumer’s taste
It is time consuming to prepare costume-made clothes in conventional tailoring It is guaranteed to deliver prepared clothes 7 days after order and measuring
In some cases, costumers are not satisfied with the quality of tailoring for costume-made clothes The modification and return of the clothes which have not satisfied the costumers is guaranteed
No access to specific and unique design schemes It is probable for DE designers to have special designs for costumers

DE brand is concerned on collaborating with expert designers, skilled tailors and precise quality control in order to minimize the costumer’s negative concerns.

If you observe any point which is not paid enough attention by DE team, we are pleased to have your opinions and ideas shared with us. You can contact us via Contact page and share your valuable ideas with us.

In advance, we are thankful to hear your valuable comments and ideas