All Dressego activities are legal and based on e-commerce laws. Dressego receives information from its users while respecting the privacy of its users, to provide secure and secure services in the process of purchasing, measuring, reviewing or using certain web features. The information required by Dressego to provide services, process and send an order, including address, telephone number and email. Obviously, in the purchase process, email addresses and phones that the user registers in their profile are the only official and approved email addresses and phones, and all Dressego correspondence and responses are provided through them

Dressego may use some information to enhance customer engagement, optimize website content and products as well as market research and development, and send new members news and services through SMS and email to website members. And promotions. Respectable users who do not wish to receive this category of emails and texts can unsubscribe from the Dressego newsletter.

Dressego considers users ‘personal identities confidential and will not disclose their personal information to any person or organization, but it will be their users’ password protection, and it is recommended that respected users in no way disclose it. Don’t put others down.

Dressego can edit user reviews in accordance with the laws of the Website and remove comments and messages subject to criminal law and use the information recorded for prosecution.

Dressego, like other websites, collects IPs and cookies, using its own protocols, servers, and security layers, and proper data management techniques to protect users’ information and prevent illegal access to They will pay.